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HELP: Feedback Wanted on BECOMING THE WOLF Synopsis

There is nothing I hate more than writing synopses. As I get ready to submit "The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy" to publishers, these synopses have become a necessary evil. What do you think of this one?

It’s a little after three in the morning on October 4, 1963. Peter Dempsey will be eighteen years old in twenty-eight minutes. Youngest of eight in an Irish Catholic family, Peter’s been such a good boy all his life that he’s still a virgin. Fortunately for him, the delectable Delaney Craig is on her way to his attic hideaway to put an end to that. They’re an attractive young couple. Peter’s tall, dark, part Native American with a whisper of African-American while Delaney gets her glorious goldenness from her Danish mother. The two have made out like crazy for the past five months waiting for Peter to get legal. Peter helps Delaney climb the old maple tree below his window and they fall into each other’s arms, exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies.
A sexual misunderstanding leads to a temporary breakup but this is a couple that cannot be kept apart. After driving furiously away, Delaney surprises Peter, a talented keyboard player and songwriter, at his band’s rehearsal. She takes him home to the Venice Canal house her wealthy father—a record company owner—has purchased for her. Delaney and Peter set up housekeeping and continue their sexual discoveries. It’s here that Peter learns that real life play with Delaney has outstripped his fantasies as they enjoy a bath together filled with masturbation and oral and vaginal intercourse. At the end of the bath, Delaney gifts Peter with monogrammed towels and shows off her own. He learns that her middle name is Penelope and tells her the story of Odysseus’ wife Penelope—that she trusted through her husband’s adventures that he was alive and would return to her. He sees this as a sign that he will travel the world as a musician and Delaney will always be waiting for him.
Peter describes himself as “a poet and a dreamer.” As such, he settles into his new life as an English Lit Major at USC, the school where Delaney majors in dance. Energetic and driven, he continues his rehearsals with his band, Animal Sounds, while fulfilling his athletic scholarship as a starting forward with the USC basketball team. His conviction that nothing is done right unless he does it himself carries into his home life where he becomes chief cook and bottle washer. Yeah, he’s a little bit of a control freak but that’s fine with spoiled, only child Delaney who has never been expected to attend to household duties. Their life together works very well.
Thursday, August 25th, 1965, starts out as a normal day. Just as Delaney settles in with her lunch, however, an agitated Peter appears. The possibility of being sent to Vietnam is very real for him. His student deferment has been denied and is currently under appeal. Listening to the news, he discovers his back-up plan—marriage—is being taken away. Lyndon Johnson announces that only couples married by midnight that night will qualify for a marriage deferment. Despite her conviction that Peter’s rock career will be better served if he’s not married, Delaney doesn’t hesitate. They race to Vegas to make the deadline, agreeing to share the news of their marriage only with the draft board. Delaney knows her father makes her life with Peter possible. She figures they’d already be married if it was something of which her father—participant in a nasty divorce himself—approved. She is afraid defying her father will cause him to use his power in the recording industry to torpedo Peter’s career plans. Peter, of course, shares the news with his parents. Helen Dempsey is not happy that her baby boy married outside the Church, but then she wasn’t happy about him “living in sin” either.
Upon their return from Vegas, Peter has a gig. He’s worn out and pops some speed his manager gives him, infuriating Delaney who tells him his problem is he’s too tall. He looks like an adult when he’s really an irresponsible teenage boy. Peter finishes his set and jumps off the stage to grab Delaney from her bar stool and drag her into the ladies’ room. He puts a chair under the doorknob, rips Delaney’s jeans down, and bends over the sink, taking her hard and fast and leaving her there to pull herself together. As she’s doing so, another girl enters and asks what it was like doing “Perfect Peter.” Delaney learns that there’s a group of “Perfect Peter Girls” who follow her husband from gig to gig lusting after him. They even go to his basketball games. This fuels Delaney’s own fantasies of Peter as a rock god.
On Peter’s twenty-first birthday, Delaney’s father, Mark Craig, interrupts the lovers in a birthday celebration and takes them out to breakfast at Hinano’s, a Venice Beach hangout frequented by the Doors’ Jim Morrison. Craig expresses his frustration with Peter. He considers the young man a remarkable musical talent and can’t understand why Peter is content to only play keyboards. Their band, Animal Sounds, needs to dump Shane Leonard, their toad-faced lead singer, and Peter needs to take over center stage. Peter refuses. He’s been playing with this band since he was twelve; he’s not going to turn his back on them.
During breakfast, Delaney sits on Peter’s lap. Craig asks her to sit in a chair, saying he’s in no mood to watch her give her boyfriend a lap dance. On their return home, Delaney asks Peter about lap dances and learns that he’s been going to strip clubs with his band. In fact, they’re going to one that evening for his birthday. He invites her to go with them. Delaney wears one of her sexy nighties as a dress and insists on buying a Peter a lap dance. Unfortunately, the girl she chooses is a lesbian and, instead of the usual, Delaney sucks Peter’s cock while the Asian beauty devours her pussy. Or, maybe, fortunately.
In the wee hours of the morning, Peter asks Delaney if she’s involved with him because her father wants him as an artist for his record label. She slaps his face and they take a Polaroid that will become famous as Peter becomes famous: a portrait of a handsome rogue who just did something that caused someone to slap his face. It’ll be featured on the cover of Animal Sounds’ first album.
In the midst of sexual games, Peter admits to Delaney that he shares her father’s dreams of him as front man to the band. He doesn’t, however, think he’s prepared for that role. “I’m a keyboard guy.” Delaney proposes rock and roll lessons. Peter reminds her that he’s got an athletic scholarship and he’s out of hours in the day; he hasn’t time to add movement and singing lessons. She suggests that Daddy pay for his college and he quit basketball. Peter holds out on responding to this suggestion until after she agrees to indulge in anal sex. Turns out she likes it. And he likes the idea of rocking out.
Mark Craig agrees to sponsor Peter’s rock star lessons. Craig demonstrates his approval by signing Peter to a solo contract with a new subsidiary, Penelope Vinyl, throwing a belated birthday at Peter’s band rehearsal and giving him a Mustang as a signing bonus.
Delaney realizes there’s a way she can keep her husband faithful and still give him a reputation as a rock and roll rogue. She invests in wigs and costumes and dresses up for public quickies at his performances. The band, not in on the secret, gets down on Peter for his behavior—though it’s nothing none of the rest of them don’t do.
 Peter writes a love song to his wife that he cannot bear the thought of Shane Leonard singing. Delaney insists that Peter sing the song for her father. The young Dempseys prepare for what Peter calls “the Gunfight at the OK Corral.” Either he’s going to sing this song or quit. It’s Shane who quits. In the midst of all this craziness, Peter forgets his first anniversary. While he’s out staging his rock and roll coup, Delaney has an epiphany. Her overbearing father treats her like a helpless child. Instead of fighting that, she should use it. She decides to enlist her father’s help by confessing to her marriage and swearing she’s going to divorce Peter for forgetting their anniversary. As expected, Daddy takes Peter’s side and Delaney learns an important lesson: when you have a puppet master in your toolbox, have him pull the strings for you rather than against you.
On Peter’s return from rehearsal, he and Delaney get “a bit celebratory” and spend the rest of their night in riotous lovemaking that eventually breaks their bed in half. The next day, Shane and the band’s manager, Randall, drop by to threaten Peter with legal action. Mark Craig wants to discuss recording plans and Peter invites him to their rehearsal that night.
As Peter makes lunch, a discussion takes place that will change their lives for years to come. Delaney wants to have sex. Peter protests that he can’t; this is like back when he played basketball and his coach insisted they go without sex on game day. He says it: “I always thought that was wrong. I thought I should have lots and lots of sex and not let myself come, power myself that way.” Delaney agrees that he runs on sex and Peter’s pre-performance ritual is born.
Delaney sits with her father to watch the band’s crowd of fans go wild as Peter runs his first show. When she tries to go to him at the break, Craig stops her and explains that it’s Peter’s job now to interact with his fans. It’s hers to sit back and not get jealous.
As a special treat after such a special day, a reward for Peter fucking her all day without coming himself, Delaney brings out a necklace of platinum beads and wraps them around his cock before she climbs on and rides him to his long-delayed orgasm.
Peter and Delaney have their first public experience in which a fan hits on him right in front of her. Delaney tells him it turned her on to watch him flirt with another woman. If that’s the case, he declares, she owes him a blow job in a public place.
Animal Sounds spends the day at the record company posing for publicity shots and learning about their new personas. Peter discovers he’s going to wear makeup and satins and sequins for their shows. His public bio proclaims him the unattached “Bard of Venice Beach.” Delaney stops by to take Peter into the elevator and suck his cock. When Peter finally returns from his day, he tells Delaney that the head of PR has been assigned to take care of them. This throws Delaney for a loop. The head of PR? Why? Does Daddy think the band is that good or does he think they need that much help? She runs out to meet her father for reassurance and he’s got it in spades. He bets Delaney that the band will have a number one song before the end of the year. The stakes? The ’54 Gull-Wing Mercedes Delaney has lusted after since she was eight years old. If Peter’s record doesn’t hit number one, Delaney gets the car. If he does, the car is Peter’s. When Peter objects that Delaney has bet against him, she points out that her father can’t stand to lose. What looks like a bet against him is really insurance that Craig will do everything possible to see that Peter gets to tool around in the Gull-Wing.
More sexy wildness makes Peter late for class and causes him to take a six-hour nap near the USC fountain. Delaney rescues him and takes him off to Fatburger where they discuss the fact that Peter is still disturbed by the fact that they weren’t married in a church. They get caught by the lead guitarist while having a quickie at the garage where the band rehearses. Peter sacrifices his t-shirt so Delaney can wipe away the cum running down her leg.
While Peter rehearses, she runs home to change, contemplating the fact that, while other women are liberating themselves, she does only what her father and husband allow her to do. She goes to his mother to arrange for their religious ceremony. Delaney refuses to let an exhausted Peter drive and he makes her stop at a liquor store on the way home. Peter’s drinking has been something of an issue all along but this time, when she has to go in and buy it because Peter is shirtless, is especially troublesome. Peter sits in the car and watches the cashier hit on his wife and is not happy about it. A few minutes later, they’re stopped by a cop because of a broken taillight. The cop also flirts with Delaney, irritating Peter even more.
He jumps in the shower and Delaney sets up a sexy proposal scene with her in stockings and a garter belt. Still exhausted, Peter fails to react as she had hoped. She throws on a skimpy shirt and heads out of the house when Peter tells her, “Look at the way you dress, no wonder men hit on you.” She runs into her neighbor Kathryn who lends Delaney a little dress so they can go down to Hinano’s and “knock some balls around.” The two women are the only females there and one of the men attacks Delaney. Peter arrives just in time to deck the guy. Later, Peter confesses to his wife that he let her leave without chasing her because he was so exhausted, he wanted some cocaine to function. She’s taken aback but forgives him.
The record company’s PR machine gets on this and Peter garners headlines as a rescuer of damsels in distress. Working off of this, Craig arranges for the band to open for a week’s worth of headliners at the prestigious Roxy where they are a huge hit. At their first performance, Peter yells, “We’re Animal Sounds, who are you?” An audience member howls like a wolf and Peter howls back, earning his onstage persona what was probably an inevitable nickname. He becomes Peter “The Wolf” Dempsey. A rave review by someone noted for finding the “next big thing” gets national play. Peter battles self-doubt and fear of success but Animal Sounds are on their way, with Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey continuing their romps backstage and at home.
The day after Peter’s twenty-second birthday, he and Delaney steal away for a tiny religious wedding ceremony. A couple of days after Christmas, the Gull-Wing shows up at Peter’s garage door. The keys are for him. His first record is at number one. The young couple celebrate by running up the coast to an oceanfront hotel. Peter gets plastered and “The Wolf” takes advantage of this to make an appearance and fuck Peter’s wife.
When they return home, they find their house full of Craig and police officers following a break-in. Craig and Peter decide the little cottage is no longer safe and Peter and Delaney move into Craig’s guesthouse while Peter has the cottage demolished and rebuilt as a fortress.
Peter’s career continues to soar. He gets nominated for three Grammies, is booked to open the season at the Hollywood Bowl, and goes on both a national and European tour. He and Delaney decide to have a baby. Peter remains convinced he needs to go through his pre-performance ritual of fucking his wife to the edge of coming to turn on The Wolf, then fucking her quickly afterwards to turn The Wolf back off.
Peter is terrified about performing at the huge Hollywood Bowl.  Delaney fights to keep him on an even keel. The rest of the band is also freaked out and gather in Peter’s dressing room ahead of the show to drink and gamble. Peter’s performance is everything anyone could hope for and Delaney heads backstage to meet him in his dressing room. He never appears. Delaney can’t get anyone to take his disappearance seriously. She’s spent his career helping create an image of him as a “notorious bad boy.” Everyone believes he’s off being notorious with a groupie or two. It’s only when a photographer develops a photograph in which Peter can be seen being forced into a limo that she can motivate authorities.
Aware that Delaney is pregnant, though she’s told no one, Craig threatens to lock her up and raise her baby himself if she doesn’t get her hysteria under control. Delaney retreats to collapse in the guesthouse with Bryan the photographer at her side.
The limo that took Peter was rented with false ID, but Shane Leonard’s fingerprints are on the contract. Hauled out of bed, Shane protests his innocence but investigators eventually learn that an uncle of his owns a boathouse. They find Peter in there, all but dead. He was given a massive overdose of morphine, beaten, and left for dead. It takes him a while to recover from his injuries and a wonderful case of bacterial pneumonia.
He isn’t the same when he recovers. Like many who have nearly been killed, he feels invincible and takes to riding his Harley recklessly around LA County, regaling Delaney with tales of daredevil acts and narrow escapes. As if that weren’t enough, the guesthouse becomes a non-stop party with Peter playing host to every band who rolls through town. Delaney finally has enough. She tries to tell Peter that she’s pregnant but he can’t wrench his attention away from his poker game long enough to hear the news. Instead, she tells him, “I’m leaving you.” He doesn’t hear that, either.
Delaney takes advantage of Peter’s next jaunt to leave him a note, “I love you.” She takes Bryan the photographer up on his offer of a cottage north of Toronto.
In the midst of his search for his wife and his move to the rebuilt house on the Canals, Peter comes across her box of Tampax and suddenly realizes his wife ran away from him to protect her child from his out of control lifestyle.

He wins another Grammy for the song he writes about finding the note that simply says “I love you.”

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DEATHMyth is FREE on Kindle August 27, 28, and 29

As a "thank you" to those who cared about Wolfie, my latest book, DEATHMyth: A Metaphysical Fantasy, is FREE on Amazon Kindle August 27, 28, and 29. Hurry over to https://www.amazon.com/DeathMyth-Metaphysical-D-L-Osment-ebook/dp/B0173PS05Q/

I want to know what YOU think! Please leave me a review on Amazon.com.

Dr. Leopold Weintraub lived a normal life. Happily married with two children, he owned a beautiful home on Los Angeles' Venice Canals. His psychiatric practice focused on the neurotic denizens of affluent Santa Monica who wanted to whine about their lot in life. Stella Morelli, a filmmaker of some renown, should have been just another name on his roster of patients. Stella, however, walked into his office with madness, mayhem, and an agenda. God, she explained, was temporarily out of commission. It was Stella's mission to put God back on his throne and she required his assistance. By the way, for this job, he would be working closely with Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, the entire world would be their theater of action, and forty-four people would have to be dead. Dr. Leo took a deep breath and stepped up to the plate, he became the recording secretary for this apocalypse.


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Hey, L and T - This is for YOU

You'll probably all be happy to hear that Wolfie's Kindle Scout campaign is ending.

Right at the moment, BECOMING THE WOLF is at No. 2 on Kindle Scout's Hot & Trending List with another six-and-a-half hours to go. He's been on the list for over 50 hours. I've lost all my marbles. They're rolling around on the floor somewhere so watch where you step. Now I simply have to survive the next two weeks until I hear whether or not KS wants to publish the book. Fingers crossed for me?

A special shout out to the inimitable L and T for all they've done and put up with to get me through this.

Let's see Wolfie's hot video one last time...


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AMAZEBALLS! I'm a Featured Writer


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Featured Author: D. L. Osment

Welcome Today's Featured Author
D. L. Osment!!!

It's 1963. Peter's 18 and he's gotta rock.
It’s minutes before Peter turns eighteen. His girlfriend is on her way to make his night. Mrs. Dempsey’s baby boy is tall, dark, handsome, and talented. Romantic and intellectual, a former choir boy and Boy Scout, he’s about to be let loose in the wilds of 1963’s Venice, California. He’ll rub elbows with Jim Morrison and fight the good fight to stay in college and out of Vietnam. As the rock world tries to eat him alive, Peter will struggle to remain true to both his music and his girlfriend. 
 The first volume, BECOMING THE WOLF, is currently in competition for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract.  Go to https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2VR2J43ESMK0D to read an excerpt and nominate the book. (If the book wins, everyone who nominates receives a free e-copy.)
 The video trailer for this book can be seen at:

DeathMyth: A Metaphysical Fantasy 

Dr. Leopold Weintraub lived a normal life. Happily married with two children, he owned a beautiful home on Los Angeles' Venice Canals. His psychiatric practice focused on the neurotic denizens of affluent Santa Monica who wanted to whine about their lot in life. Stella Morelli, a filmmaker of some renown, should have been just another name on his roster of patients. Stella, however, walked into his office with madness, mayhem, and an agenda. God, she explained, was temporarily out of commission. It was Stella's mission to put God back on his throne and she required his assistance. By the way, for this job, he would be working closely with Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, the entire world would be their theater of action, and forty-four people would have to be dead. Dr. Leo took a deep breath and stepped up to the plate, he became the recording secretary for this apocalypse.

About D. L. Osment:

D. L. Osment’s first novel, I CANNES, a fictionalized account of true adventures at the Cannes Film Festival, was born on a flight from Toronto to Barcelona for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Someone had left a romance novel in her seat pocket. Osment read the first two chapters and thought, “I could write this.” As described in her book, she cannibalized her life and produced the 5-star rated erotic novel. This book was followed by its sequel, SKETCHES OF SPAIN. Her latest film is 2014’s multi-award-winning SANDBOY, directed by Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano and executive produced by Julian Lennon. She co-produced AFI’s UBUNTU’S WOUNDS, which won Best Short Film at the Pan-African Film Fest in LA, screened at Cannes and Toronto, and was distributed by HBO. She was American Production Coordinator for the documentary BURMA SOLDIER, distributed by HBO and winner of the 2011 Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the UN Film Festival. She consulted on THE FORSAKEN LAND by Vimukthi Jayasundara of Sri Lanka which won the Caméra d’Or at Cannes in 2006. She has been a professional writer since she was thirteen years old, first as a journalist, then as a screenwriter, now focusing on fiction. Her third novel, DEATHMYTH, is an urban fantasy. She has just finished “The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy,” which follows a young rock musician from his 18th birthday through the wilds of ‘60s and ‘70s rock and roll. The first volume, BECOMING THE WOLF, is currently in competition for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract. The video trailer for this book can be seen at https://youtu.be/D4UAbE8B3yM and go to https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2VR2J43ESMK0Dto read an excerpt and nominate the book. (If the book wins, everyone who nominates receives a free e-copy.)
She can be found at www.amazon.com/author/dlosment
Her website is www.dlosment.com
She has a second one www.booksandotherstuffilike.com

 Interview With D. L. Osment:

  1.  Can you tell us a little about your book?
    The biggest thing going on in my professional (and what used to be my personal) life is that the first volume of my recently completed “The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy” – BECOMING THE WOLF – is currently in competition for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract. I’ve bitten my fingernails down to my vaccination scar.
Introducing BECOMING THE WOLF, Volume 1 of "The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy." This trilogy is a rare character study of a romantic hero from the last few minutes before his eighteenth birthday until well into his twenty-ninth year. Mrs. Dempsey's baby boy, Peter, nervously awaits the arrival of his rich and beautiful girlfriend, the delectable Delaney Craig, with whom he intends to "do the deed" at the very second he turns eighteen. Peter's a musically talented boy - handsome and athletic - and Delaney's father owns a record company. The path to stardom should be straight and true. Unfortunately, Peter makes a bitter enemy on his way to the top. Join the adventures of this young man, former choirboy and Boy Scout, as he struggles to retain his values and honor his love in the wild world of '70s rock and roll. BECOMING THE WOLF has been selected to compete for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract and would love to have your support. Check out the amazing video trailer for this book here on this page or at https://youtu.be/D4UAbE8B3yM. When you fall in love with Peter, follow this link to nominate the book https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2VR2J43ESMK0D. If BECOMING receives a contract, each person who nominates it will win an e-copy of the book. And the eternal gratitude of Peter, Delaney, and the author.

  1.  When did you know you wanted to write a book?
    I have been writing my entire life. My first opus was a penetrating look at life and love in a ballet school when I was so young my mother had to take dictation from me. I spent years as a rock and roll journalist (thus the current series) before segueing to screenwriting. I think I finally wrote my first novel a year and a half or so ago.

  1.  How did you choose the genre you write in?
    So far, I’ve written in two genres: erotic romance and urban fantasy. Everything I’ve written has grown out of one or more personal experiences. The Peter Trilogy, for instance, was inspired by my lengthy relationship with a rock keyboard player. Most particularly, one instance. I was an executive at Playboy, the only female. One day several secretaries came into my office, upset because one of them had gotten an obscene phone call. “It was terrible. He was telling me all the things he was going to do me – how he was going to bend me over and…” My phone rang. A very familiar voice said, “I think I just got put through to the wrong extension.” Out of that grew about 270,000 words.

  1.  What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured?
    I write all day long. I get up, do the usual morning hygiene stuff, feed my two cats Smoky and Ashley, sit down in my chair, and pick up my laptop. I’m there until bedtime. I have a writing partner with whom I work in kind of an unusual way. She works on her things and I work on mine and we bounce ideas back and forth and exchange scenes and that kind of thing. That’s what breaks up my day.

  1.  When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?
    I think I answered this in no. 2. To be frank, when I’m writing, time gets away from me. It took me about nine months to write the Trilogy, but that happened in a strange way. I wrote a stand-alone and everyone wanted to know both what happened with my characters before the book began and what happened after it finished. I don’t know about other authors, but I fall in love with my characters and welcomed the opportunity to spend more time with them.

  1.  Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
    I must have diet Vernor’s ginger ale or I’m absolutely good for nothing.

  1.  If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
    If I had a super-power, it would be flight. I love to travel but hate airports. In fact, I would love to be able to avoid traffic of any kind. Yeah. Let me spread my wings and fly.

  1.  What are writing projects are you currently working on?
    I have just begun a novel about soul-mates who have been star-crossed lovers across lifetimes and find each other again. I think this one is more of a Nicholas Sparks kind of thing. My writing partner and I are in very early stages of discussion on a couple of projects and she’s pushing me in the direction of a thriller which is very appealing. Also very scary.

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The GHost of Milton Middle School

I know it may not have seemed lately that this is a blog about books and other stuff I like. Primarily, I've been concerned with my own Wolfie and getting the word out about him.


I stumbled across a delightful book by the amazing I.C. Hearts and I want to share that book with you. 

She hovers at the back of the bus.
“What does she want from us?” 

The kids from Milton Middle School cheer, but the fearful-five huddle together as the bus rolls down the road. 
Little Willow didn’t want to go; her parents made her, and skinny Jacob didn’t have to sell a single item, his family had. 
Abby, she’s the fearless one. She vowed to protect her friends. 

Abby puffed her shoulders, walked to the back of the bus, and stood face to face with the green-eyed girl. “Listen, you don’t scare me.” She whispers. 

Why is the green-eyed girl floating at the back of the bus? 
What does she want? 
Why does she continue to frighten the fearful-five? 

Will this school trip be a disaster, or will it bring unity amongst one another? 

Time will tell as the class embarks on their trip of a life time to Yosemite National Park.

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If you were one of the dozens who rushed over to www.facebook.com/PETERANDTHEWOLFTRILOGY to read about Wolfie's "first time," hustle over there today to read about one of his hottest times.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Want to Know About Wolfie's First Time?

Wolfie's bored now with teasing you. He's in the mood to talk. Wander over to "like" his page at https://www.facebook.com/PETERANDTHEWOLFTRILOGY/ Then hurry to nominate the book at https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2VR2J43ESMK0D. If it wins a publishing contract, you win a free e-copy. Commercial over. Wolfie will be howling at your back door if you want him.

Chapter One - Wolfie's First Time

Peter Dempsey stood, hands in his pockets, and watched the last minutes of his seventeenth year tick away. “Doot-da-doot-doot-doot-doo.” He repeated the nonsense syllables over and over, unable to figure out whether they belonged to a song he’d heard, one he’d written, or one that wanted to be written. He shrugged and filed them in a corner of his brain, only to find himself repeating them a moment later. He tore his eyes away from the red sweep second hand to survey his attic hideaway. Clothes? Stowed. Desk? Cleared and home to a milk glass vase of autumn chrysanthemums and a foil-covered platter of crackers, cheese, and salami. Next to the bed sat a cooler filled with ice, Coke, and a six-pack of Bud his brother Bobby had donated to the festivities.
Twenty-eight minutes—shoot! His well-laid plan had a Rottweiler-sized hole in it. Bruno would wake the neighborhood the second Delaney rounded the corner of the house. He couldn’t risk his parents waking up. Not tonight, of all nights. He ran toward the dormer window, ducking low to avoid the unfinished rafters that posed a continual threat to his rangy frame.
            Peter would have denied any form of superstition, but as he always did, he slapped the photo of “The Celestial Siren” as he passed. His dad, a Navy petty officer disabled at Pearl Harbor, had an extensive collection of nose art—those scantily clad women who decorated B-17 bombers. Several of these had climbed the attic stairs to Peter’s walls. He liked to think anyone entering his space believed he had a keen appreciation of history, maybe art, rather than ravenous teen hormones.
Alert for sounds inside the house, he eased the window open. His brother Fred nailed the 2x4s to the maple below sometime in the forties. The last Dempsey brother to use this hidden egress, Peter hit the first step as Delaney’s car pulled into the driveway. He swung down with an easy grace and ran to the dog run. Bruno trotted over so Peter could grab his collar. A “Celestial Siren” moved toward them. Peter shushed the growling dog as the most gorgeous woman God ever made smiled in the moonlight.
“What are you doing down here?”
Peter pointed. “Dog.” He took Delaney in his arms and kissed her. “Come on.”
He put her foot on the lowest rung. “You can’t climb in these shoes.” He dropped to one knee to remove her high-heeled sandals.
“Oooh, Prince Charming.”
Peter slid the shoes into his back pockets. “That’s me. I’m right behind you. If you fall, fall on me.”
She rewarded his chivalry with a remarkable view of long, long legs, perfect derriere, and moon-gilded curls. She stepped through the window and stretched her hand to him. “Shhh.”
Peter clambered in after her. He’d jacked off four or five times that day imagining the impending events and still felt about to explode.
Delaney clutched her purse to her bosom. “What time is it?”
He pulled her to the bed. “It’s three-seventeen.”
Delaney hung her purse on the hook Peter had installed for that purpose months ago, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “It can’t be three-seventeen. I left my house at ten after. Is your clock running?”
Peter set her sandals gently on the floor and sat carefully on the edge of the bed. “Second hand. Going around.”
“Maybe it’s not right.”
Peter selected his watch from the clutter on the bedside stand, frowned at it, threw it back, and shrugged. “Twenty-two more minutes, babe.”
Delaney’s pout reminded Peter of the naughty thoughts that had haunted his day.
She shivered and rubbed her arms. “Take your shirt off.”
Whatever Delaney asked, Peter gave.
Delaney knelt between his thighs. “Oh, God, I want you.”
“Have me.” Peter slipped a finger inside the hem of her lavender shorts.
“I’m scared.”
“Laney, you’re the one who’s done this before.”
“Can I tell you a secret?” She pulled his lips down to hers.
“I don’t even know if it really happened. It was thirty seconds and gloopy stuff all over my thighs.”
“We’ll figure it out.”
“Oh, the hell with it.” Delaney started to wrestle with the tiny mother of pearl buttons on the front of her heliotrope blouse. “Why did I wear all these buttons?”
Always helpful, Peter sat up. “Make way for piano player fingers.”
“I can’t take it a second longer.” Delaney avoided Peter’s hands and ripped her top open. “Do me, Dempsey.” She stripped off her shorts.
Peter scrambled out of his jeans.
She fell to his bed and Peter winced at the familiar squeak of the springs on the iron bed. He couldn’t care about that at this particular moment.
He remembered what Bobby had told him that afternoon on the porch swing. “Look, there’s no big mystery. If you’re going in, you’re doing it right.” Stunned by the sight in front of him, he watched delicious Delaney scoot to the middle of the bed, her cornflower blue eyes on him as she flipped her golden curls out of the way. She held her arms out to him.
He sat next to her and stroked her thigh. She shook her head. “Hunh-uh. I’m as turned on as you are. Just do it.”
She bent her knees and spread them so he could crawl into position. He did it right; he went in. She dug her nails into his ass. “Oh, my God. I can’t believe…”
Peter loved Delaney. He managed to drag his consciousness from the astounding sensation of her pussy’s embrace. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong. Things are very good. You are mine. I own you forever. Don’t even think about leaving me. And keep doing that until further notice.”
“You like it?”
“I love it.”
“God, yes. Shhh. My parents.” He nibbled Delaney’s lips.
Delaney opened her mouth for his tongue. She kissed him as avidly as he kissed her. She raised her pelvis to meet his over and over, and began to gasp for breath. “Something’s happening.”
“What, baby?”
“I think I’m…Keep doing that.”
She covered her mouth so only whimpers spilled out. Her pussy ground against his cock. She spasmed around him and he lost control. His muscles throbbed in his belly and thighs until they dissolved and he collapsed against her. He inhaled her scent with ragged breaths. Jasmine? Honeysuckle? One of those aromas that whispered of exotic nights. He laughed at himself. Idiot boy poet even at a moment like this. He lifted his head to look at Delaney. “Did you…?”
She licked her lips, pushed her honey-colored curls back from her brow, met Peter’s eyes. “If I didn’t, I will die if I do. How come it’s nothing like that when I do it myself?”
Peter could only shake his head helplessly.
“My nipples are so…”
Peter bent down and sucked on first one then the other. “Yeah, they are. Tell me if I get heavy.”
He let himself melt into her. It would take a crane to move him.
She stirred. “Peter, did you come in me?”
“You weren’t supposed to. You were supposed to pull out.”
“I tried. My whole body screamed to keep going in.”
She took his face in her hands. “You know that’s how you make babies, right?”
“I couldn’t do it. I’m not even pulling out now. I’m going to stay right here until I get hard again and then I’m going to do you some more.”
The two teenagers lost themselves in each other. Peter came twice more then watched the sky lighten as he stood outside the third-floor bathroom while Delaney took care of business. She had ripped the hell out of her little silk blouse. He gave up his precious Beatles T-shirt to cover her nakedness while she walked through the boys’ floor of the Dempsey home. When she opened the door, he squatted for her to climb on his back, and ran up the stairs two at a time.
Safely inside the door, Delaney hopped down. “We made a terrible mess of my private place.”
“Did we? Worth it all. Intend to do it again.”
“I hope you feel that way if there’s a little Dempsey nine months from now.”
“Come on. What are the chances?”
“One in twenty-eight.”
“Hmmm.” Peter sat on his bed, pressed his fingertips together and contemplated that fairly alarming statistic. “One in twenty-eight.”
“It’s actually more like three or four in twenty-eight.” Delaney put her hands on Peter’s shoulders, pushed them back. “You know it makes me crazy when you slump like that. Stand up.”
She took his hand to drag him to the full-length mirror on the back of his bedroom door and spin him sideways. “Look at that.”
Peter turned his head, took in the familiar image. “Yeah, it’s me.”
Delaney walked around behind him. She grabbed his shoulders and put her knee in the small of his back. “There, see the difference?”
A smile spread slowly as Peter stared at his reflection The change in posture took him from boy to man. He turned to face the mirror full on.
Delaney watched him. “When you stand the way you usually do, it’s like, ‘I’m sorry I’m so tall.’ When you put your shoulders back, it’s ‘Yeah, I’m a big man and I’m big in a lot of ways. What do you want to make of it?’”
“I see that, but I feel like…I don’t know…a jerk.”
“It’s okay, honey. You’re gorgeous; talented; you have every right to be arrogant. I hate it, though, when you slouch over that keyboard. I want to run up and nail a board across your shoulders.”
Peter started to laugh. “Laney, were you waiting to find out if you liked me in bed before you began remaking me?”
“Like I’ve never told you to straighten up before. And, yes, I have plans for you.”
“I have plans for you, too.” Peter pulled Delaney back to the bed. He peered from under the hair his dad had been threatening to buzz for at least a month. “I will burn in Hell, but I give in. Let’s get some birth control pills. Because I want to keep doing this, but I don’t want to tell your father I knocked you up.”
Delaney turned toward him, pulled her right leg up beneath her. She laughed softly. “Have you ever thought of country instead of rock and roll? That’d make a great country song.”
Peter started to sing, his voice a creditable imitation of Johnny Cash. “I don’t want to tell your daddy I knocked you up.” He fell back to rest on his elbows. “I love you, Delaney.”
“I love you, Peter. You have to come with me.”
“I did come with you.”
“Mind out of gutter. To Planned Parenthood.”
She wiggled her pelvis and caressed her breasts. “First, I think I want to do something that’s really, really bad.”
Peter tilted his head to look her in the eyes. “Bad?”
Delaney stuck out her lower lip. “I’ll stop if you don’t like it.”
“Tell me more.”
She buried her face in her hands. “This is so embarrassing. When I was fourteen, I spent a weekend with my friend Shelly. Her brother had just been to Europe and he brought back all these magazines. There were lots of pictures of these girls who really seemed to be having a lot of fun…”
“Doing what?”
She pressed against him and whispered in his ear. “I want to suck your cock.”
Youngest of six brothers, Peter had seen those pictures, too. He could hardly believe he’d heard those words. Nice girls didn’t do that and girls came no nicer than Delaney Craig. “Oh, God, yes.”
“Once again, I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Peter didn’t care. He unbuttoned his jeans as Delaney shifted to kneel next to him.
“See, here’s what I don’t understand, I have teeth.” Delaney took his cock in her hand.
“I think you don’t use them.”
Delaney bent her head and took Peter’s rapidly growing cock in her mouth. She sucked. “Mmmm.”
“Oh, my God. That feels amazing.”
Delaney sat back. “You know what?”
Peter choked out an inarticulate noise.
“You taste like me.”
Delaney smiled. “From being in me.”
Peter looked puzzled.
Delaney laughed softly. “I lick my fingers.”
“You are a naughty girl.” Peter thrust his pelvis forward. “Are you stopping?”
Delaney glanced at him mischievously and leaned forward. Her warm wonderful mouth engulfed him. She sucked him deeply then sat back. When she leaned forward again, she ran the point of her tongue up the underside of his cock. When she hit that spot where the tip joined the root, Peter groaned with pleasure. She nipped several times then sucked him deeply again.
“No.” Peter grabbed her head, pulled her up, just as what cum he had left after his previous adventures bubbled out. Together, they watched the final spurts. To Peter’s amazement, Delaney leaned forward and licked him clean.
Peter collapsed. “Happy birthday to Peter.”
She turned to face him. “We both taste very good. Kiss me.”
“Brush your teeth and I’ll kiss you all you want, but I don’t want to know what I taste like.”
“I didn’t bring my toothbrush. Hand me a Coke, please.”
With his last bit of strength, Peter reached into the cooler. “Baby, you’re drinking whatever I pull out of here.” He handed her a Coke.
Delaney removed an opener from the nightstand and popped the cap, took a swig and swished it around her mouth. “Happy?”
Peter lifted a finger. “Me some.”
“Do you want me to put it to your lips and lift your head?”
“Well, that’s not happening. Are you coming with me?”
“Again?” Peter rose on one elbow and swiped the Coke from Delaney’s hand. “I need a nap first.”
She tried again. “Are you coming to Planned Parenthood?”
“I need a nap.”
Delaney checked the clock. “It’s after eight. Your parents are going to be eating breakfast.”

In the image Peter had built of this moment, he walked downstairs clutching his beautiful girlfriend by the hand. His dad maybe gave him a nod of respect; his mother wiped away a tear as she realized her baby had become a man. “Calm down. I’m eighteen. What can they do? We’ll tell them the truth. You came early to give me a birthday present. And then stayed and came a few more times. Or we could just…I could lie here and look at you for the rest of my life.” Peter tipped the Coke to his mouth and finished it. “Sleep with me?”