Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet "The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy" - and watch that hot video again

Introducing BECOMING THE WOLF, Volume 1 of "The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy." This trilogy is a rare character study of a romantic hero from the last few minutes before his eighteenth birthday until well into his twenty-ninth year. Mrs. Dempsey's baby boy, Peter, nervously awaits the arrival of his rich and beautiful girlfriend, the delectable Delaney Craig, with whom he intends to "do the deed" at the very second he turns eighteen. Peter's a musically talented boy - handsome and athletic - and Delaney's father owns a record company. The path to stardom should be straight and true. Unfortunately, Peter makes a bitter enemy on his way to the top. Join the adventures of this young man, former choirboy and Boy Scout, as he struggles to retain his values and honor his love in the wild world of '70s rock and roll. BECOMING THE WOLF has been selected to compete for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract and would love to have your support. Check out the amazing video trailer for this book at When you fall in love with Peter, follow this link to nominate the book If BECOMING receives a contract, each person who nominates it will win an e-copy of the book. And the eternal gratitude of Peter, Delaney, and the author.

 Or watch the video right here...


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