Sunday, August 14, 2016

The GHost of Milton Middle School

I know it may not have seemed lately that this is a blog about books and other stuff I like. Primarily, I've been concerned with my own Wolfie and getting the word out about him.


I stumbled across a delightful book by the amazing I.C. Hearts and I want to share that book with you. 

She hovers at the back of the bus.
“What does she want from us?” 

The kids from Milton Middle School cheer, but the fearful-five huddle together as the bus rolls down the road. 
Little Willow didn’t want to go; her parents made her, and skinny Jacob didn’t have to sell a single item, his family had. 
Abby, she’s the fearless one. She vowed to protect her friends. 

Abby puffed her shoulders, walked to the back of the bus, and stood face to face with the green-eyed girl. “Listen, you don’t scare me.” She whispers. 

Why is the green-eyed girl floating at the back of the bus? 
What does she want? 
Why does she continue to frighten the fearful-five? 

Will this school trip be a disaster, or will it bring unity amongst one another? 

Time will tell as the class embarks on their trip of a life time to Yosemite National Park.

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